Staying consistent with your blogging is hard if you’re not planning your blogging days down on your calendar. Personally, I like planners that are beautiful as well as functional so I put together a round up of my favorite online printable planners to help you stay on top of your blogging:

Free Printable Blog Planner by A Well Crafted Party:

This printable blog freebie comes with FORTY-ONE pages including an affiliate program tracker, collaboration tracker, and monthly income report. If you are just getting into monetizing your blog, these trackers can come in handy because after your third affiliate link, you start to lose track of where your affiliate income may be coming from and get lost in all the programs you’re a part of. You may also be tempted to say yes to every collaboration that comes your way so having a worksheet filled your current collabs helps you get a visual idea of when you want to put your foot down.


Ultimate Blog Planner Kit by Designer Blogs

Okay, this ultimate blog planner kit is gorgeous and I can’t believe this is a free printable. It takes you from brainstorming your blog post ideas to goal tracking and stat logging. Every successful blog is a carefully crafted strategy and this ultimate blog planner kit is perfect to get you organized. It comes with 24 different pages.


Monthly Content Planner by Mindful Pixels:

For the minimalist and those who like simplicity in their planning, here is an editorial calendar, newsletter planner, offerings planner, social media tracker, and to-do list. Really, as a blogger and online business owner, this is everything you need to keep yourself on track! If you don’t like to print things out, this fillable planner is a great way to keep your notes in one place without loose papers.


Blog Planning Worksheet by Freeborboleta

This worksheet might look simple but don’t let it fool you! What’s so powerful about a single worksheet like this blog planner is that it gives you a visual overview of your whole month. Drain dump your ideas in the “post ideas” section and then strategically place them in your monthly calendar.

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Free SEO Planner by Glamorous Glitter

Raise your hand if SEO is something that you struggle with! If you’re not used to implementing SEO strategy into your blog marketing, then this could be a scary word for you, but using this free SEO planner worksheet, you will have a better idea of where to start.


Free Blog Content Printable by Native New Yawker

This printable blog content worksheet is also super simple and minimalistic but has everything you need to guide you through the whole process of creating your blog post. If you feel like you need to unplug from your laptop to get a mental break but need to continue working on creating content, this single worksheet is going to be your best friend. After you’re done coming up with the content, there are boxes below to check off whether you’ve promoted it on your social media.


Weekly Blog Social Media by I Heart Planners:

Social media needs a task list of its own, especially if you are using social media as a primary part of your marketing strategy. This is a planner page to keep you on your toes with your social media marketing. If you use something that is not listed on this page, there is a small space to fill them in yourself. There’s are also sections for blog posts.

Did I miss any planners that you love? Let me know in the comments section!

Author: Kristen Jett

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