About The Queen

You: Passionate. Creative. Driven. Ready to rock your biz.

Me: Strategic. Magical.  Ready to take you there.

How? Honing in on your dream clients + the power of attraction marketing*.

*Inbound marketing

Hi, I’m Kristen!

(You can call me KJ)

Throw a tiara on me, and I’m the Queen of Inbound.
I’m here to bring magic + corporate strategy to your business.
It’s time to empower yourself. Create your freedom. Weave your safety net.

I decided I was going to run my own business when I was 11.

An eleven year old girl watches her mom walk in with tired eyes, coming home from her third job. Tired, but alive. Away from her abusive ex-husband and paying the bills, somehow.

The girl vows to create her own stability, her own independence, her own freedom and safety – and she vows to help as many women as she can do the same thing.

You’re probably not surprised to know that girl was me, right? Well, now I’m a mama, and my thirst for helping others build their way of freedom hasn’t changed.

I’m passionate about business – and your success.


What can I do for you?

Consider me your BFF with the marketing crown, and the business strategy – the one you come to when you want answers, reassurance, and know-how. Struggling? You don’t have to.

Here’s what I’ve done for others:

  • Created a business strategy that led to $100K days
  • How does going from being in debt to earning $500,000+ a year sound?
  • Grew social media followings by 60% – and engagement grew with it. (Hello, magic of really knowing your dream client!)
  • Created systems to get more time back in the day – You might have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but you may not have nannies, maids, and a team of PR people and business strategists.

Let’s put the fun back into your passion project. Climb under my wing to learn how business can be easy, rewarding – and fun.

Success isn’t just for the big boys. It’s time for you to claim it for yourself.

Manifest those big dreams.

Let’s figure out what sets you apart from every other person in the world, what you create that no one else can, and who NEEDS that. Because honey, someone needs that. Once we know your dream clients, we can nurture them into a relationship from blog post to your top service – authentically, honestly, easily.


So, me?

Me? I’m a corporate marketer, a new mama, and just who you need behind the scenes of your business.

I’m all about glitter. Pearls + cowboy boots. Planning, scheming, manifesting, and dreaming.

Words pour from my veins, and affirmations from my mouth. Every business decision I make is backed in spirit (and I can teach you how to do the same.)

Writing is my raison d’etre. Marketing is my art. But really, I just want to change the world. One inspired, empowered, knowledgeable woman at a time. One soulbiz at a time. I’m just giving you the tools to follow your own dreams.

I’m passionate about:

  • helping women find the courage to follow their dreams
  • knowing your dream clients
  • teaching others the marketing + biz skills they need to succeed
  • sales funnels
  • bacon chocolate chip cookies
  • creating your own damn success

I believe:

  • there’s no limit to your success
  • with the right knowledge and enough faith, you can do anything
  • intentions + follow through = success


The “I’m a Professional” bio

Kristen is a soul centered business strategist. Love is her thing – dream client love that is. Her special mojo is attracting dream clients to you + strategizing content to make you their number one #bizcrush. She’s a certified inbound marketing specialist – which puts her focus on attraction based marketing tactics. She strongly believes that you need to treat your passion as a business to succeed – whether it’s self-publishing a fiction novel, or coaching with love.  Whether you’re a startup or a a multimillion dollar businesses, you can guarantee she has experience with your business model.


“Working with you has given me a much clearer sense of the direction I want to go with my site, social media & marketing efforts, which is exactly what I’d hoped for. Yay! :) Thank you again so much, Kristen! I’m so happy to have worked with you and am very satisfied with what I’ve gotten out of this process.” – Jeanie Grey, Literary Romance Writer

“Kristen is a marketing and design genius.” – Jolene Haley, YA Writer

“This gorgeous lady is who I call for all for all my marketing needs. Kristen is my website genius! One little chit chat about my personal style, and she created all my marketing perfectly. Hot lips. What could be more Georgie?” —Georgina Leahy, British singer + actress

Ready to find out who your dream clients are?