Are you tired of opt-ins that don’t convert?

You check your inbox. That can’t be right.

You check your mailing list. It is right.

No one has signed up for your opt-in.

Do you struggle to create ideas for new opt-ins?

You stare at a blank screen.

What do I want to say? What do my dream clients want more information about? How do I give it to you?

And then you wander on to Facebook to distract yourself from not having the answers.

Bring in your number one weapon:

Your Ideal Opt-In

Do you wish you could strategize with an expert about your opt-in game?

Someone who can take a look at your dream client and help you understand exactly what attracts her in?

I’m taking a look at your business, at your dream client, and honing down on what is already working – and what can improve to attract that buying lady in.


Optin Audit Service

How It Works:

Easy peasy. Just 4 steps until your ideal opt-in. (Or lead magnet. Or content upgrade…or whatever you want to call it.)

Talk Biz To Me

Show me the heart of your business. I’ll send you a questionnaire that allows me to dig deep into your business + get a glimpse at who your dream clients are and the content they’re already consuming from you.


Audit Time (The Non Invasive Kind)

I audit your existing opt-ins (up to 3) to get an idea of what’s working and what isn’t.


Video Vixen

You receive a video walking you through feedback of your opt-ins + opt-in method + helping you brainstorm your new ideal opt-in.

I’m answering these questions for you:

* Why aren’t my current opt-ins performing the way I want?
* How can I improve my current opt-ins?
* What areas of the sale journey so you touch on? Is it all three?
* What theme would appeal best to dream clients for your new ideal opt -in?
* How should you deliver your new ideal opt-in?
* Suggestions on how to nurture your new prospective buyer to help turn them into a client!

You receive your video, watch and process all the info. Now that you’ve received it, you’ve got me for 7 days.

Ask questions. Get clarity.

It’s time to create The Ideal Opt-In.

Buy Now

Beta Price For Limited Time: $333 (Save $100!)

Buy now before the price increases!

Kristen-Jett-Marketing-StrategistWhy Kristen?

I’m Kristen and opt-ins are my jam. Seriously. I’m inbound marketing certified – which is all about content marketing strategy and – you guessed it – opt-ins.

For years, I’ve been creating opt-ins (and strategy around them) for multi-million dollar companies – and for small biz.

Now, I’m bringing my corporate knowledge to the solopreneur world for the best of both worlds.