Oh, hey it’s a new month! It’s been a couple months since I decided to open up and share my intentions, and I’m so pleased I did. I’ve been hearing such wonderful things from all of you on what you’re working on, creating, and what you dream of creating.

Your business needs big dreams. Intentions will help get you there.

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How I did In July

We’re going to call July a success. I did begin betaing the new service (on infusing your 90 day marketing plans with spirituality) – and I thanks to this, I started some biiiiigggggg changes that you’ll hear all about pretty soon. Basically, I am absolutely loving this – and everyone else is too!

Self-care? Way better. Hello chakra meditations at least 3-4x a week. Hello tea before bed every night. And…reading before bed sometimes. You can’t change everything over night. Progress…is good. And I manifested a fabulous mentor who I’ll be working with closely once all these big changes settle. Win.

Fixing business systems became more of a plan to fix it – basically, you’ll see more of it below.

August Intentions

Word of the Month: Plan

Let’s be real – plan is one of my favorite words in general. This month I have a lot of ideas in the air that need to come back down to ground. This word will be driving all of my intentions.

Main Intention: Fix business systems.

I intend to put last month’s plans into motion! I have ConvertKit looking into why some of the freebies aren’t working properly. (If you’re missing a freebie, tweet me or send me an email, and I’ll get that to you.)

I figure this kiiiiinda needs to get fixed before I give y’all new freebies, right? Don’t worry, once this gets fixed, you’ll be getting some lovelies – like an extension to the intention worksheet! If I plan my biz for 3 months, why not plan my intentions for 3 months?

I’m also diving into some of the other email sequences to get them back set up properly.

Lesser Intentions

I intend to plan and map out BIG SECRET PROJECT.

Big Secret Projects need scheming, dreaming, and a pinch of planning to make them come true. Don’t worry, guys, you’ll love what’s coming – I just have to put some energy into creating the foundation. Basically, stay tuned. Magic is coming.


I intend to complete Cerries Mooney’s Initiation Kit.

Sadly, I bought this agesssss ago. And haven’t finished it. Whoops.

If you haven’t discovered your Primary Archetype from Cerrie, I so recommend it. The Initiation Kit continues to discover your Secondary Archetype and give you more insight on what lights your up in life + biz. I’m a Romantic + Creator, if you’re curious. Surprised? I wasn’t one bit.

Have you set any intentions for the month? Let’s hear them. If you haven’t – now’s the time.

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Create Intentions For Your Biz

It’s hard to achieve your dreams if you don’t know what they are – realistically.

Making 100K this year is a great goal…but how are you going to work towards that this month?

Grab the workbook now to face your fears, affirm your success, + set your business goals and intentions!

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Author: Kristen Jett

Kristen is a soul centered business strategist, taking the secrets of the corporate business world and applying them to creative entrepreneurs. Love is her thing - dream client love that is. Her special mojo is attracting dream clients to you + strategizing content to make you their number one #bizcrush.

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