Kristen Jett - Business Strategist

Hi – I’m Kristen!

Are you ready to attract the right clients and lead them to your top services?

I’m a business strategist – and I’m going to be your business BFF.

I’m going to help you attract in the RIGHT clients, connect with them, and grow a relationship where sales naturally happen.  Are you ready to make your business #bizcrush worthy?

I specialize in inbound marketing – or as I call it, honeybee marketing. Flowers don’t chase bees down – bees come to them, right? Let’s make your business that blossoming bloom.  Your new favorite words are going to be sales funnel. (It’s not scary, I pinkie promise.)

it’s time to Date your biz, attract dream clients, and funnel success.

You can do this!


Dear Entrepreneurettes…

You love what you do.  Your business gives you freedom. To work from home – or the beach. To stay at home with the kids. To pay off your debts.

But you know it could be more.

If only you had a marketing strategy. If only you had a way to give up the hustle, while still increasing your sales. More sales, more clients, less stress – sounds amazing, right?

Every business needs a strategy – without one, you’re just hoping and wishing things fall into place. My strategies focus on both quick wins – efforts you can see immediately, and the slower foundational processes that are essential to building a business that lasts.

Maybe you need to connect with more clients.  Maybe your opt-ins and content upgrades aren’t being the magnets you wish they could be. Maybe upper level attention focusing the next 6 months on your business’s exact challenges and needs is the spark and boost you need.

Hey, maybe you need an entire marketing game plan spelled out for you. Biz doesn’t have to be hard, after all.

You’ve got big goals – do you have the structure and strategy to actually achieve them?

Client Love



Georgina Leahy“Kristen is the best. I know art – entertainment, not marketing. She came up with a plan that I can actually do, that I want to do (all pictures + video, no words!), and that works.”

– Georgina Leahy, Actress + Artist


“The target audience work we did validated my original ideas about who Jeanie Grey is and what she talks about, ideas that I’d drifted away from over the last couple of years as I looked around and saw that nobody else seemed to be doing it that way. In essence, your feedback gave me permission/courage to be myself. No greater gift.  You’ve taught me to think a little differently about my approach to social media and marketing, and I’m super excited!”

– Jeanie Grey, Literary Author

Ready for your success story to be here?

Find out how you can work with me to create success on your terms.

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